Stephanie's Family Child Care
Stephanie’s Family Child Care
•        All Daycare Parent’s please remember all “tuition” needs to be paid the first day
of the week your child attends childcare. If you have a spot reserved and your child
becomes ill you still have to pay for that spot. Due to licensing regulations there is
no room for growth or last minute replacement. You must pay for any days you have
reserved. If payment is late, a 10.00 late fee will be added onto the balance each day,
until the balance is paid. If your payment is more then 3 days late you may be asked
to no longer attend Stephanie’s Daycare. Please remember to pay on time, although
this is my home, it is my business and my income.

•        Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card!

•        At time of enrollment AND EVERY JANUARY AFTER, you must pay a non-
refundable ANNUAL 40.00 registration/material fee.  This will maintain your Child’s
placement into Stephanie’s Childcare. Also a deposit equivalent to one week tuition,
which is non-refundable, but will be applied to your child’s first week.

•        Accidents happen, no matter what age! Please bring extra clothes (shirt,
shorts/pants and socks).For the hot months please bring swim shorts/suit, sun
screen to leave in your child’s cubby!

•        Emergency kits! I have a kit box, in case of an emergency please bring a large
Ziploc baggie with water/food: some suggestions: Fruit snacks/raisins/granola
bars/canned soup.
Anything with a long expiration date.

•        Don’t forget that immunization card! Also every time the card is updated please
let me know.

•        No children may walk around with bottles or “sippy cups” that are not spill
proof.  All children will eat at the table in the kitchen in an appropriate seat for their

•        Babies will be fed according to the schedule provided by the parent. Ages 1
and up will eat at the times specified on our daily schedule. We serve healthy meals,
and snacks. If you prefer to bring your child’s food please label it with their names.
*All baby food and Formula will need to be provided by the parent.

•        Daily notes will be sent home with important information, reminders, and any
supplies needed for your child.

  • We do have qualified, fingerprinted, CPR certified back up help when the
    provider has appointments to attend. Which does help minimize closures.


The following days are understood to be the paid holiday schedule for the childcare
provider. Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday might be taken on either the
Friday before or the following Monday. Stephanie’s  Family Child Care, reserves the
right to close for two weeks vacation. We will give at least 90 day written notice as to
when this vacation period will occur. There will be no structured tuition fees due
during my vacation time. Any vacation that the parent chooses to take that does not
coincide with the provider’s vacation schedule will require FULL payment in order to
maintain Child's position.

Paid holiday schedule:

Veterans Day
New Years Eve & New Years Day
President’s day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day, (Thursday & Friday)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

* Always Closed the day after Christmas,no tuition is due.

Please Note
These are some of the general rules and policies. At time of enrollment a contract will need to be signed
and gone through with the provider


To provide a quality Family Childcare program, staffed by professionally trained personal, combining a
loving home atmosphere with a structured environment. Thus enabling children to participate in positive
experiences that will prepare them for appropriate social and emotional interaction in school and society.

My goals are to provide an adequate environment and a program consistent with the highest standards,
which will allow each child to develop at his/her own rate of growth. Overall, to ensure your child will be  
happy, enjoy their time in my care and encourage them to become self confident, happy children!